Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

About the Buzzards

Devon Beck

A devoted music fan since a ripe young age, I have been influenced by the sounds I hear coming from speakers since I can remember. Growing up in a house with four older brothers certainly helped. Having parents that supported my love for music was also an important piece to the puzzle. But what really kept my fandom alive and kicking was the art of discovery. I remember being 13 and needing to buy The Dandy Warhols’ Dandy Rules OK from the local record store. Years later I discovered how easy it was to find Weezer B-sides on Napster if you were willing to wait out the dial-up connection speed. And as I got older the technology got better, and suddenly I was immersed in a world of MySpace and Pure Volume, bloggers and YouTube, and finally Spotify and SoundCloud.

I’ve used these tools to find new music and evolve as a music listener and as a human being. The touchstones in my life revolve, in some way, around music. Most memories are lost on me, but the ones involving music tend to latch on. It’s why I have the drive to discover new music and share it on Song Buzzards. Because if I keep listening, I’ll never forget.


Cory Mensch

Music is my passion.  I’ve always loved finding new music, and introducing people to music.  Growing up, I’d go to anywhere that sold music, and I’d buy albums by artists I’d never heard of.  There was no internet.  There was no way to listen to an album before buying.  Is the album cover cool?  Is this band on the same label as a band I like?  Do I like the name of the band?  Any of these were enough for me to spend my allowance on a potential discovery.  Now, this process has shifted to combing all manner of streaming music services to find buried treasure, but the adventure is largely the same.

When I meet someone new, I usually ask them who their favorite band is.  I like to try to get a feel for their musical preference, and introduce them to something they’d like.  It’s always been extremely rewarding for me when I hit a home run and introduce a friend to their new favorite band.

That feeling led to Song Buzzards.  My goal is to help people discover new music that they enjoy, while giving lesser known acts the recognition they deserve.  My other goal is to be in a band with horns.  Also I have this goal where I’m an astronaut and live in outer space.  I’ll just stick to that first goal for now.