Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 11

Devon Runs Out of Adjectives

Or, Cory Quotes Vin Diesel

July 13th, 2016  •  On this triumphant episode of Song Buzzards, our heroes return from a 3-week bender/vacation with their patriotism intact and a slew of new music for ya’ll to enjoy! As Devon belts out “God Bless ‘Merica,” they reminisce about trips to Broadway to see musicals and visit the Virgin Megastore, profess their undying love for deviled eggs, and make fun of their parents for being tech-myopic. Later, the guys quote Vin Diesel, the Price Is Right sound effect gets overused, Devon realizes his French needs some work, and a special guest shows up.

Plus, these good tunes that are really good:

  1. Boys On The Wall My IV 8:33
  2. Wingman Much 15:20
  3. Look Mexico Well, Kansas Ain't What It Used To Be. 19:50
  4. Agua Roja The Motion 26:34
  5. Perturbator Weapons For Children 31:17
  6. Shields Mezzanine 39:02
  7. Mitski Your Best American Girl 44:23
  8. Samba De La Muerte You'll Never Know When I Lie 50:32
  9. Summer Scouts Olympic White 55:10
  10. Andrew Judah Blinding Light 1:01:08