Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 12

Cory Listens to the Wrong Album

Or, Devon Sings The Muppets

July 26th, 2016  •  On this week’s episode of Song Buzzards, our heroes can’t stop singing, much to their own chagrin. And although their random discussions about The Clapper and Chia Pets may make you giggle, the guys “get real” this episode and really focus on the hard-hitting issues including how criminals are really a good thing, cannibalism in Papa New Guinea, The Muppets, and their pal Wynona Ryder. Cory reveals his money-saving techniques while recording at the studio, Devon feels the need to write a poetic intro for each of his songs, and the guys discuss their upcoming (fake) trip to Belgium.

And need I mention these songs that will make you want to roll down the streets with your windows down:

  1. Laura Jean Anderson It Won't Be Long 12:43
  2. Ette Attack Of The Glam Soul Cheerleaders (parts 1 & 2) 18:05
  3. Petite League Tylenol 25:26
  4. Jon Poulin Valor 30:47
  5. BLØSH Give It Away 38:38
  6. The Invisible Save You 43:45
  7. Club Kuru Layla 49:45
  8. Puddle Splasher Different Life 56:32
  9. Black Milk Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst 1:05:04
  10. Empty Houses Thunderstorms 1:13:23