Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 20

Cory Discovers Music on MTV in the Year 2016

Or, Devon: Whistlin' Dixie

November 21st, 2016  •  On this monumental episode of Song Buzzards, our heroes celebrate 20 episodes and 200 songs! The reflect on their international success, boxing kangaroos, staying up to watch James Bond movies, and “chipmunk soul”. Devon stumbles on his words but whistles like a mofo, Cory cries a little and resorts to Stabbing Westward, and they both make way for the Toilet Paper Equalizer! Plus, geography nerds, font snobbery, Katy Perry ringtones, bass drum Ewoks, and a detailed history and analysis of post-rock.

Just listen OK? OK.

  1. Eternal Boy Party Foul 16:11
  2. Slum Sociable Name Call 25:58
  3. Somone In A Tree Likewise, Lisa 34:56
  4. Lando Chill Unenamored 42:24
  5. Worries Weeds 49:59
  6. Polarsets Adelaide 57:12
  7. ESCONDIDO Uh Huh 1:08:44
  8. meniscus Hamster 1:17:54
  9. Blueneck From Beyond 1:30:25
  10. Wildhart Shake Off 1:39:27

Bonus Content

ESCONDIDO perform on Audiotree:

Wildhart perform “Fantasy” live at East FM: