Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 21

Devon Talks Like the Micro Machines Guy

Or, Cory Strays From Finding Music on BandCamp

December 15th, 2016  •  On this week’s episode of Song Buzzards, our heroes explore the many James Bond themes, which ones they love and which ones they loathe (we’re looking at you, Material Girl!). Listen as they chew on the term “gumshoe”, discuss the “6-keyboard super weapon”, and come up with an awesome new business: Tinder for bands (anyone need a bass player?). Cory will kind of bum you out at one point, but the web of bands surrounding Modern Baseball is certain to cheer you up. We also reveal the two things Silence of the Lambs and Jurrassic Park have in common (and it’s not Templeton the Rat).

Come for the fireworks, stay for the frostbite:

  1. Frances Luke Accord David 13:30
  2. Steady Hands Song For Rosemary 21:59
  3. Royal Canoe Walk Out On The Water 28:33
  4. Brown Bird Adolescence 38:54
  5. Martha Goldman’s Detective Agency 46:19
  6. The Trouble With Templeton Complex Lips 53:38
  7. TV Girl Taking What’s Not Yours 1:02:35
  8. You Break, You Buy Neighsayer 1:09:54
  9. Weyes Blood Do You Need My Love 1:16:20
  10. The Most Orange 1:23:47

Bonus Content

Frances Luke Accord on Audiotree:

Royal Canoe on Audiotree:

Royal Canoe‘s video snippet of Am I Not King, the retelling of King Richard II:

I am the Morning

New project details! From Dec 14-18 we're taking part in a contemporary retelling of Richard II, Am I Not King? at the West End Cultural Centre here in Winnipeg. We'll be providing the musical accompaniment with 16 original songs mostly written with Shakespeare's text. You can sort of think if it like:1 part Shakespeare play 1 part Royal Canoe show1 part New play 1 part Musical http://zone41.ca/ticketsHere's Tom Keenan (King Richard) singing one of the songs for the show.

Posted by Royal Canoe on Friday, December 2, 2016

Beck’s Song Reader project

Weyes Blood performing “Do You Need My Love” on Pitchfork TV