Episode 39

Go Research it Yourself

Or, Almost as Good as 6 out of 6!

Episode 22

Cory and Devon’s Best Albums Ever!

Or, Cory and Devon's Best Albums of 2016

February 26th, 2017  •  As Season 1 of Song Buzzards comes to a close, our heroes share their top 10 cowbell songs Song Buzzard albums of 2016. Spoilers: It’s like the Lillth Fair in here, and all of these albums are the best album ever! The boys have a sing-along, discuss the new Britney Spears album, try to convert dollars to “French dollars”, and agree that foxes are awesome. Devon makes an obscure Beatles reference and accuses Cory of being high the first few episodes, and Cory claims that his top 4 songs are 10 degrees better than the others (thermometer or compass degrees we’re still not quite sure).

Featuring these neat Daniel-approved tracks:

  1. Puddle Splasher I'm Hurting Me 11:22
  2. Mom Jeans. edward 40hands 16:09
  3. Totorro Saveur Cheveux 19:57
  4. Wildhart Heal 24:49
  5. The Kickstand Band Stay Inside 28:26
  6. Basia Bulat Fool 33:09
  7. Enemies itsallwaves 36:41
  8. Slothrust Like A Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone 40:57
  9. we set sail This Machine Destroys Everything! 44:18
  10. Frances Luke Accord Something Moving 48:12
  11. Astronoid Obsolete 51:35
  12. Why We Run A Moment to Return 56:17
  13. Honeyblood Love Is A Disease 1:00:19
  14. Oh Pep! Doctor Doctor 1:04:59
  15. The Midnight Jason (feat. Nikki Flores) 1:09:01
  16. Andrew Judah Through You 1:14:20
  17. Pinegrove New Friends 1:20:37
  18. Martha Ice Cream and Sunscreen 1:25:30
  19. nothing ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder) 1:29:10
  20. Winterpills A New England Deluge 1:35:42