Episode 40

Cory and Devon’s Best Albums Ever, Part 2!

Or, Cory and Devon's Best Albums of 2017

Episode 25

Editing Out This Part (In Robot Voice)

Or, Witches, Magic, and Friendship

March 29th, 2017  •  This episode of Song Buzzards is truly an out-of-body experience (really?). The guys chat about quarter-life crises (not real) and the genre post-indie (probably not real), as well as tackle a pretty heavy-hitting discussion about origami (really…). The Buzzards also get a bit retro by name dropping Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses, and Janet Jackson, as well as discuss a few 80’s movies (a certain movie about a certain big foot totally holds up!). They also contemplate/argue about what the most important horn is in a ska band (the baritone, duh!).

So spit out that gross beer saliva and consume these yummy songs instead:

  1. PLAZA Origami 2:21
  2. Toyko Stronger Love 13:05
  3. Loose Buttons Am I the Only Reason? 24:02
  4. In Love With a Ghost i know it's not easy but you're not alone anymore 34:09
  5. The New Respects Shoes 47:22
  6. Juliette Jade Room 7 56:50
  7. P.O.S Faded 1:04:47
  8. Yvette Young The Tide 1:18:35

Bonus Content

PLAZA‘s video for “Origami”:


Loose Buttons‘ video for the song “Thrill”:

The New Respects‘ video for “Money”, directed by Ry Cox:

Juliette Jade performing the guitar solo from “Room 7”:

P.O.S performs with rap collective Doomtree, on Audiotree Live:

P.O.S interview and performance, via The Lowertown Line:

Yvette Young‘s band Covet on Audiotree Live: