Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 25

Editing Out This Part (In Robot Voice)

Or, Witches, Magic, and Friendship

March 29th, 2017  •  This episode of Song Buzzards is truly an out-of-body experience (really?). The guys chat about quarter-life crises (not real) and the genre post-indie (probably not real), as well as tackle a pretty heavy-hitting discussion about origami (really…). The Buzzards also get a bit retro by name dropping Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses, and Janet Jackson, as well as discuss a few 80’s movies (a certain movie about a certain big foot totally holds up!). They also contemplate/argue about what the most important horn is in a ska band (the baritone, duh!).

So spit out that gross beer saliva and consume these yummy songs instead:

  1. PLAZA Origami 2:21
  2. Toyko Stronger Love 13:05
  3. Loose Buttons Am I the Only Reason? 24:02
  4. In Love With a Ghost i know it's not easy but you're not alone anymore 34:09
  5. The New Respects Shoes 47:22
  6. Juliette Jade Room 7 56:50
  7. P.O.S Faded 1:04:47
  8. Yvette Young The Tide 1:18:35

Bonus Content

PLAZA‘s video for “Origami”:


Loose Buttons‘ video for the song “Thrill”:

The New Respects‘ video for “Money”, directed by Ry Cox:

Juliette Jade performing the guitar solo from “Room 7”:

P.O.S performs with rap collective Doomtree, on Audiotree Live:

P.O.S interview and performance, via The Lowertown Line:

Yvette Young‘s band Covet on Audiotree Live: