Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 28

He Sounds Like a Sweet, Gentle Antelope

Or, He Can Put As Many Sticks Up His Butt As He Wants

May 24th, 2017  •  This episode of Song Buzzards encountered a slew of technical difficulties, but ultimately makes its way to your ears.  After a 3 week Mother’s Day break, this week has the Buzzards talking about an almost-forgotten concert, the best cartoon ever (Doug), and just how many sticks a certain Bono can fit up his butt.  Also, Cory attempts to decide whether invisibility is a better super-power than shape-shifting, Devon mentions his favorite band: THE RADIOHEAD, and the boys ponder how much caramel could be in Carmel By The Sea, California.

Always remember:  If a dance party breaks out, you gotta put it on the podcast!

  1. Birocratic bob ross goes to hollywood 4:17
  2. Black Books Put Your Money Down 13:11
  3. Captain, We're Sinking Brother 23:12
  4. Del Paxton Loose Leaf 33:12
  5. Eternity Forever Fantasy 43:12
  6. Violents (and Monica Martin) How It Left 52:05
  7. Lawrence Play Around 1:01:36
  8. Pumarosa Priestess 1:10:28

Bonus Content

Black Books with their video for Favorite Place:

Violents & Monica Martin on Paste Studio Session:

Lawrence on Audiotree Live: