Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 29

Keep Your Phone on the Counter, Throw Yourself in the Trash

Or, A Tribute to Roxy

June 8th, 2017  •  This week’s episode has the Buzzards succeed at the south-of-the-equator challenge, but fail to find an artist from Antarctica or Madagascar. Don’t you worry!  We still have a healthy dose of marijuana cigarettes, coughing, and burping, as we educate the audience on the origins of thall and djent.  This episode runs through the six degrees of Surf Dads, adds another band to Cory’s “missing bands” list (spin-off series?), and asks the age-old question: Why you so short?

All kidding aside, this episode pays tribute to the best dog that ever lived, and our unofficial mascot, Roxy.  May you forever be stinky.

  1. Moxine Marlon, featuring Marietta 5:26
  2. reg3n Aeon 15:01
  3. Skyway Man Plane 25:05
  4. Bong Mountain Why You So Short? 35:08
  5. Surf Dads Head/Heart 47:45
  6. The Teskey Brothers Pain and Misery 1:00:18
  7. Sløtface Magazine 1:11:22
  8. Blood Cultures Detroit 1:21:59

Bonus Content

Moxine with their video for Martin:

James Wallace & The Naked Light with their video for To The River:

The Teskey Brothers with their video for Pain and Misery: