Episode 48

Olivia is Our Guest!

Or, Coffee, Records, and Beer

Episode 3

Devon Curses Cory

Or, Cory is Now a Swedish Fish

March 14th, 2016  •  In this episode of Song Buzzards, our heroes nearly lose the entire Podcast to a teary-eyed computer, but somehow survive to bring you eleven very different songs. Devon curses Cory in the Swedish’ed way possible, Cory divulges that he just doesn’t care how tall he is at concerts, and Devon is loopy for looping machines.

Featuring the following songs, including a special surprise:

  1. Intervals Sure Shot 5:25
  2. Basia Bulat Infamous 9:30
  3. Madboy/Mink Powders 16:00
  4. Summer Heart Pretty Haze 21:36
  5. Crying Vacation 28:42
  6. Crushed Beaks Overgrown 32:43
  7. Julien Baker Go Home 37:42
  8. Walker Lukens Every Night 43:22
  9. Invalids The World Is Square 54:32
  10. Phoria Melatonin 1:00:23