Episode 40

Cory and Devon’s Best Albums Ever, Part 2!

Or, Cory and Devon's Best Albums of 2017

Episode 30

You Caught Me With My Notes Down

Or, Turntable Cheesecake

June 22nd, 2017  •  And so here we are, the momentous Episode 30. After a successful father’s day weekend, the Buzzards unwind with some 120-minute beer and some 94 minutes of podcasting. Another successful challenge means that 2 unknown labels with 4 unknown bands join this week’s list, which may or may not include a Zimbabwean marimba band. Devon talks about being a privileged white man, Cory cheats on the challenge, but neither of them spend any Kangaroo Bucks to bring you this landmark Song Buzzards installment.

Did I mention we were drinking?

  1. The Echelon Effect End Transmission 6:07
  2. Making Movies Revolver 16:59
  3. Builder of the House Never Going Back Again 28:55
  4. Yumi Zouma Barricade (Matter of Fact) 36:55
  5. Fazerdaze Last To Sleep 47:39
  6. Spaceface Cowboy Lightning 55:10
  7. This Patch of Sky And So They Watched As The Years Passed Us By 1:03:30
  8. Half Waif Severed Logic 1:13:24

Bonus Content

Making Movies on NPR Tiny Desk:

Builder of the House with their video for There Is No Hourglass, Only Sand:

Builder of the House with their video for Look at the Man:

Fazerdaze with their video interview on DIFFUS Magazin:

Half Waif on Audiotree Live: