Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 30

You Caught Me With My Notes Down

Or, Turntable Cheesecake

June 22nd, 2017  •  And so here we are, the momentous Episode 30. After a successful father’s day weekend, the Buzzards unwind with some 120-minute beer and some 94 minutes of podcasting. Another successful challenge means that 2 unknown labels with 4 unknown bands join this week’s list, which may or may not include a Zimbabwean marimba band. Devon talks about being a privileged white man, Cory cheats on the challenge, but neither of them spend any Kangaroo Bucks to bring you this landmark Song Buzzards installment.

Did I mention we were drinking?

  1. The Echelon Effect End Transmission 6:07
  2. Making Movies Revolver 16:59
  3. Builder of the House Never Going Back Again 28:55
  4. Yumi Zouma Barricade (Matter of Fact) 36:55
  5. Fazerdaze Last To Sleep 47:39
  6. Spaceface Cowboy Lightning 55:10
  7. This Patch of Sky And So They Watched As The Years Passed Us By 1:03:30
  8. Half Waif Severed Logic 1:13:24

Bonus Content

Making Movies on NPR Tiny Desk:

Builder of the House with their video for There Is No Hourglass, Only Sand:

Builder of the House with their video for Look at the Man:

Fazerdaze with their video interview on DIFFUS Magazin:

Half Waif on Audiotree Live: