Episode 36

When You Rock This Hoodie and You Really Don’t Need It

Or, When the Dust Clears, Where’s My Barbie?

Episode 32

These Witches Need to Stop Making Music!


July 21st, 2017  •  Last week had a haunted cabin, this week has witches.  Maybe we are on a Scooby-Doo episode after all?  In the newest Song Buzzards installment, Cory is glad he can wear deodorant again, while Devon dabbles in ASMR.  The science behind music is a constant theme here, while the Buzzards try everything scientifically possible to stop saying “SO GOOD” so much.  So sit back, crank up Song Buzzards on the ol’ dubya-dubya-dubya, and daydream about how many Eiffel Tower bucks it would take for Kyle to make a repeat guest appearance.  Enjoy!

  1. Siobhan Wilson Whatever Helps 4:54
  2. Glass Vaults Brooklyn 15:06
  3. Mounika Cut My Hair 27:13
  4. Birthh Chlorine 36:21
  5. PILOTPRIEST Now Be The Light 45:33
  6. Diet Cig Link in Bio 56:50
  7. Charly Bliss Percolator 1:07:51
  8. The Wooden Sky Deadhorse Creek 1:17:48

Bonus Content

Siobhan Wilson covering Chop Suey! (w/ Waxx):

Birthh performing Chlorine:

Diet Cig on Kids Interview Bands:

Charly Bliss on Audiotree Live:

Charly Bliss with their video for Percolator:

Charly Bliss with their video for Westermarck:

The Wooden Sky perform Born To Die: