Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 33

The Beeps and the Borps and the Boops

Or, I Want to Meet a Ghost So They Can Tell Me How I Can Become a Ghost

August 16th, 2017  •  We’re back, baby, with an extra song each and yet another haunt-themed episodes (probably because Cory wants to be a ghost)! This week’s episode features a song about haunting friends, as well as one that’s recorded in a haunted studio. Cory seemingly makes up every name he utters (Cam LaFlam, seriously?), steals a perfectly timed Irish banana joke, and feels like a bad ass (even while washing dishes). Devon gets a new pup, ruins the ending of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for Cory (spoilers!), and reveals that his 7-year old may be having an existential crisis (3rd grade is one grade closer to death, after all). They both fail in their Star Wars knowledge (what’s a Han?) and agree that NPR is an organization made up of dirty sons of bitches.

Also, did you know that guitars are the medium to discuss humanity’s doom?

  1. Tiny Deaths The Gardener 4:34
  2. Eisley A Song For The Birds 11:48
  3. Rare Monk Happy Haunting 23:57
  4. Oso Oso Reindeer Games 33:45
  5. Brothertiger Fall Apart 44:18
  6. Great Grandpa Teen Challenge 53:20
  7. Kane Strang My Smile is Extinct 1:00:24
  8. Salva Fucc-Badman 1:09:08
  9. Tom Adams Static 1:19:24
  10. People Like You The Baker 1:29:15

Bonus Content

Oso Oso on Audiotree Live:

Kane Strang‘s official video for “My Smile Is Extinct”:

Tom Adams on NDR Kultur Session: