Episode 48

Olivia is Our Guest!

Or, Coffee, Records, and Beer

Episode 36

When You Rock This Hoodie and You Really Don’t Need It

Or, When the Dust Clears, Where’s My Barbie?

October 13th, 2017  •  An episode released on Friday the 13th?  In October?  How spooky can you get?  Will every sentence in this description end with a question mark?  Are Devon and Cory getting a cold at the same time?  Is Devon’s dog the fastest land animal in Pennsylvania?  Can someone direct me towards the Hip-Hop?  Could rat-tails become a respected hairstyle?  Is “Stadium Indie Rock” a genre?  Do people still watch “The Real World”?  Would you travel to Pittsburgh to watch a band perform without their singer?  If Joe Satriani and John Tesh were in a band, what would it sound like?  Are any of these questions asked or answered during this episode?  Why haven’t you pressed play yet?

  1. The Wild Wind Sail Away 7:54
  2. INHEAVEN Vultures 17:37
  3. Ceschi Beyond The End 28:08
  4. Palehound If You Met Her 37:15
  5. YØUTH Breathing Easy 45:15
  6. Eyes on the Shore Maestranza 54:41
  7. Their Dogs Were Astronauts Seashell 1:07:02
  8. Jaws of Love. Jaws of Love. 1:16:06

Bonus Content

Ceschi on KXLU Live:

Palehound on Audiotree Live:

Palehound on NPR Tiny Desk:

YØUTH performing Breathing Easy (Acoustic):