Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 36

When You Rock This Hoodie and You Really Don’t Need It

Or, When the Dust Clears, Where’s My Barbie?

October 13th, 2017  •  An episode released on Friday the 13th?  In October?  How spooky can you get?  Will every sentence in this description end with a question mark?  Are Devon and Cory getting a cold at the same time?  Is Devon’s dog the fastest land animal in Pennsylvania?  Can someone direct me towards the Hip-Hop?  Could rat-tails become a respected hairstyle?  Is “Stadium Indie Rock” a genre?  Do people still watch “The Real World”?  Would you travel to Pittsburgh to watch a band perform without their singer?  If Joe Satriani and John Tesh were in a band, what would it sound like?  Are any of these questions asked or answered during this episode?  Why haven’t you pressed play yet?

  1. The Wild Wind Sail Away 7:54
  2. INHEAVEN Vultures 17:37
  3. Ceschi Beyond The End 28:08
  4. Palehound If You Met Her 37:15
  5. YØUTH Breathing Easy 45:15
  6. Eyes on the Shore Maestranza 54:41
  7. Their Dogs Were Astronauts Seashell 1:07:02
  8. Jaws of Love. Jaws of Love. 1:16:06

Bonus Content

Ceschi on KXLU Live:

Palehound on Audiotree Live:

Palehound on NPR Tiny Desk:

YØUTH performing Breathing Easy (Acoustic):