Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 44

The Same Lovable #@%$! As Before

Or, Adios, I'm A Ghost

May 21st, 2018  •  Listen.  It took us a bit to record this episode.  Don’t worry.  We’ve both had multiple haircuts since our last episode to ensure we bring you our best selves.  On this episode we agree that The Flash’s real name must be Caleb Quick, Cory’s unhealthy obsession with ghosts continues, and Devon almost becomes a ghost via electric shock.  We also discuss two very underrated instruments (the sad trumpet, and the space echo), convince wives that too much vinyl is never a bad thing, and succumb to the power of science.  We will try our hardest to not take another break-long month.  We will pencil it in.  On a stone.

  1. And The Kids I Can't Tell What The Time Is Telling Me 3:39
  2. The Moondoggies Easy Coming 12:34
  3. Tangled Hair Keep Doing What You're Doing 23:23
  4. Goat Girl The Man 33:40
  5. Say Sue Me Old Town 43:56
  6. Autumnist Feather 53:42
  7. Moderator Burning Bridges 1:02:52
  8. Whyte Horses The Best of It 1:10:41

Bonus Content

And The Kids performing live on Audiotree:

And The Kids performing live on NPR Tiny Desk:

The Moondoggies performing live on KEXP:

Goat Girl with their music video for The Man:

Goat Girl with their music video for Cracker Drool:

Autumnist with their music video for Inner Space Invaders: