Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 45

Less Talk, More Rock

Or, Season 3.2, Episode 1: We're Back!

September 1st, 2019  •  Season 3.2, Episode 1. Song Buzzards Episode 45. New format, new location, new year, new bands, new songs, new episode graphic. We’re back! With 10 discoveries per episode, plus 1 bonus song, we take things back to our Song Buzzards roots: Less talk, more rock. We’ve been away for so long that most of you will get this new-episode notification on your phone and think it’s a virus. All things considered, that isn’t far from the truth. It’s like an ear infection, but you want to get it. Feel free to use a vacation day at work. This episode is worth it.

  1. W O L F C L U B Electrify 5:12
  2. Sloucher Cloverdale 13:39
  3. The Flips What's The Plan? 21:50
  4. Secret American Warmth & Shelter 30:19
  5. Sorry Starstruck 39:48
  6. Krief Idols 48:23
  7. Chinese Football Dog's Diary 54:44
  8. Here Lies Man Swinging From Trees 1:02:51
  9. Better Off Coming Down 1:10:28
  10. OHMME Water 1:17:24

Bonus Content

Sloucher performing live on KEXP:

The Flips performing live on Nap House Sessions:

Sorry music video for Starstruck:

OHMME performing live on NPR Tiny Desk: