Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 48

Olivia is Our Guest!

Or, Coffee, Records, and Beer

November 4th, 2019  •  I hope everyone is prepared to expand their electronic horizons! This episode, we all bring at least some electronic music, but our guest host Olivia speaks about the genre in a way that Devon & Cory never could. Join the 3 of us as we discover that Devon doesn’t take notes, Cory brings 5 songs in 1, and we all bond over our love for MGMT. Also, how much are you into canvas 6-pack bags? If you own one, this may be your favorite Song Buzzards episode of all time. Did I mention that even the beer Olivia brings is called Techno?

  1. Culture Abuse Calm E 1:50
  2. Bobbing Chicken Sized Nugget 8:39
  3. Maddy O'Neal Wanna Know 15:11
  4. Low Hum Room to Breathe 25:08
  5. Sunsleeper You Can't Please Everyone 33:53
  6. Zebbler Encanti Experience Manifest That Shit 45:21
  7. Swain But Then What? 53:41
  8. Somos My Way To You 1:02:08

Bonus Content

Low Hum performing “Strange Love” live on Jam In The Van: