Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack


Episode 34 September 01, 2017 Episode 34

Back to the Future Part II: Teen Wolf

Or, Warble got me!

Episode 33 August 16, 2017 Episode 33

The Beeps and the Borps and the Boops

Or, I Want to Meet a Ghost So They Can Tell Me How I Can Become a Ghost

Episode 32 July 21, 2017 Episode 32

These Witches Need to Stop Making Music!


Episode 31 July 07, 2017 Episode 31

Bogey and the Haunted Cabin

Or, I Dabble in Roots and I Dabble in Routes

Episode 30 June 22, 2017 Episode 30

You Caught Me With My Notes Down

Or, Turntable Cheesecake

Episode 29 June 08, 2017 Episode 29

Keep Your Phone on the Counter, Throw Yourself in the Trash

Or, A Tribute to Roxy

Episode 28 May 24, 2017 Episode 28

He Sounds Like a Sweet, Gentle Antelope

Or, He Can Put As Many Sticks Up His Butt As He Wants

Episode 27 May 03, 2017 Episode 27

Welcome to Tough Masterminds

Or, The Kids Just Want Their Mortal Kombat

Episode 26 April 12, 2017 Episode 26

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

Or, The Diva is Millie, Isn't It?

Episode 25 March 29, 2017 Episode 25

Editing Out This Part (In Robot Voice)

Or, Witches, Magic, and Friendship

Episode 24 March 15, 2017 Episode 24

Just a Country Girl Trying to Find Herself at the Beach

Or, #youcantdenythehanson

Episode 23 February 28, 2017 Episode 23

I Hate When I’m Researching My Bands And All I Get Are Taylor Swift Results

Or, Welcome To The Second Season!

Episode 22 February 26, 2017 Episode 22

Cory and Devon’s Best Albums Ever!

Or, Cory and Devon's Best Albums of 2016

Episode 21 December 15, 2016 Episode 21

Devon Talks Like the Micro Machines Guy

Or, Cory Strays From Finding Music on BandCamp

Episode 20 November 21, 2016 Episode 20

Cory Discovers Music on MTV in the Year 2016

Or, Devon: Whistlin' Dixie
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