Episode 49

Who Knows When This Episode Will Air?

Or, The 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack

Episode 41

You Sound Like a Japanese Warlord

Or, Every Coen Brothers Movie

March 1st, 2018  •  You guys!  It’s Season 3!  Music still exists, and therefore, so must Song Buzzards.  Who will be the INHEAVEN and Charly Bliss of 2018?  Well, bust out your Radel Tanpura Box and play along with us, as we pack Coen Brothers references into the first 8 songs of the year.  Devon discovers that he accidentally made a fire-themed playlist, Cory can’t stop cussing, and we talk about how some songs are just “more favorite” than others.  We have a lot in store for Season 3, and it begins today with a brand new closing segment born out of Devon’s newfound vinyl obsession.  So enjoy the beginning of the new Season.  We’ll try to make it our best one!

  1. Fox Grin Black Tree 2:56
  2. Run Child Run Can't Catch Me 10:27
  3. Sarah Klang Left Me on Fire 18:48
  4. Superbody Do U Believe Me 28:54
  5. Shame Tasteless 42:05
  6. Junior Astronomers That's Why 50:21
  7. Special Explosion Fire 57:49
  8. Typhoon Coverings 1:07:28

Bonus Content

Sarah Klang performs Sunny/Seven Nation Army:

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Superbody video for Do U Belive Me:

Shame performing at London Calling 2017:

Junior Astronomers article on Nylon:


Junior Astronomers article on Pure Volume:


Typhoon perform Honest Truth: